Possible Stories

(1995; revised 2002)

Instrumentation: cello solo
Duration: 12:00

  1. Things to come
  2. Theme—collected and private
  3. Alternately hesitant and passionate
  4. Engaged—joyful, rugged
  5. First a smile, and finally a brazen mood
  6. Memories of a private song


Each section of Possible Stories is based on the simple, quiet theme that follows on the heels of the fast opening section. Although separate, the different sections are meant to progress, to add up. A program for this piece might involve the stories—some of which come to pass and some of which remain projections, stored in the imagination or in the future—that evolve during each part of an evening out at a big party: initial excitement, getting there, shyness, growing raucous and loud, spilling drinks, talking too much, and finally a late, reflective walk home.

Possible Stories appears on Lines by Caroline Stinson, Albany Records (TROY 1281)

Tom Kraines plays Possible Stories here.